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Poetry D'Jour Book Cover
Beryl McMullen was a poet that touched the hearts of many. A book has been published in her memory, titled Poetry D'Jour (Poetry of Today). It is available now and you can find out more details at this dedicated page.


This my collection of poetry, I hope you will enjoy reading my poems as much as I have writing them.
    Sunny Boy

    My Secret Garden
    The Dance
    The Pearl
    Guiding Shadows
    Searching for Dreams
    A Dreamer
    The Night I Died
    Man of Her Dreams
    If Only

    A Friend
    A Friend is Like?
    A Friendship of the Souls
    The Divide
    Soul Mates

    A Poem is a Lovely Pearl
    God's Watering Can
    Hope for Life
    Life is Worth Living
    Life’s Vision
    Live for Today
    Quantum Healing
    Spiritual Joy
    The Senses
    The Rainbow
    When I’m Gone
    Reflection on Religion
    I Will Colour My Life
    Moonlight by the Sea
    Celebrate Life
    Ancestral Spirits
    A Poet's Challenge
    Guiding Shadows
    Spiritual Release
    Guardian Angels

Love & Passion
    My Rosary
    Natures Passion Flower
    True Love
    The Red Rose
    The Dance
    Loves Flame
    Song Across the Ocean
    Comforting Love
    A Secret
    Love is Many Things
    Passionate Love
    A Silken String of Pearls
    Hope of Nature
    Magic of the Forest
    Natures Garden
    Power That Ties
    Seasons of Life
    Sea Shells
    The Lion
    Wisdom of Nature
    The Garden
    Searching for Dreams
    The Desert Rose
    I am The Spirit
    Dying is Natural
    Buttercups and Daisies
    Wild Flowers
    Promise of Spring
    Winter Silence
    The Storm
    Mystery of the Forest
    They Only Walked
    Natures Gifts

Sorrow, Pain & Loss
    Cruelty to Animals
    Missing You
    Mom's Jewellery Box
    My Father’s Trunk
    The Price of Freedom
    The Saddest Day
    Especially for Murphy
    The Empty House
    Nobody Would Listen
    Silence of the Night
    Be My Friend
    The Sands of Time Have Fallen

War & Peace
    Their Deaths
    To Those Who Served
    Air Raid Shelter
    A Night Remembered
    Peace At Last
    The Heroic Few
    War and Peace

Special Occasions
    A Mother’s Gift
    Flower of Christmas
    New Year
    New Years
    Toast to the Fallen
    Remember Me
    Peter’s Long Night
    Response to “In Flanders’ Fields”
    Christmas Declaration
    Hallowed Night

    Ecstasies Last Dance
    Night Dreams
    The Library
    The Black Pearl
    The Noise
    The Survivor
    Words, Words, Words
    Master Button Maker
    Flight of Thought
    Sir Thomas
    What I Learned From Dad
    In the Name of Religion
    River Shannon
    Music of Thought

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